A Simple Genome Annotator?

A question to genome annotators out there. I need a simple genome annotator for annotating bacteriophage genomes in an undergraduate course. Until now, we used DNAMaster but for various reasons  I would like to move away from that. Here’s what  I need for class:

1. Annotate a single assembled linear chromosome, about 50,000 bp, 80-120 genes, no introns (it’s a bacteriophage). Annotation consists of ORF calling and basic functional annotation (can be done in conjunction with BLAST / InterProscan etc).

2. Simple learning curve, these are undergraduates with no experience in the field.

3. Preferably Linux compatible

4. Can read FASTA, GenBank, GFF3

5. Output in a standard format, i.e. GenBank / GFF3.

6. Simple installation, preferably no unwieldy many-tabled databases.

I’ve been playing with Artemis using a Glimmer3 annotated genome and it seems OK so far, but what else is out there?

Please comment here and/or tweet @iddux with your ideas. Thanks!

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2 Responses to “A Simple Genome Annotator?”

  1. Maria says:

    Check out UGENE. It can do all of the above and much more.

  2. Chris Fields says:

    Prokka works well, gives GenBank/GFF3 (and .sqn) and I believe it covers viral genome annotation: