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Bits and pieces: infosec, bad arguments, and more

Unlock the secrets of animals that survive freezing: a crowdfunded science project to sequence the genome of the North American wood frog. Thirteen days to go! Why information security is a joke. This week was Open Access week. While many researchers support the idea of Open Access, few see it as a consideration for publication. […]

Lentils with fried lemon & black pepper

Discovered this by accident, as I spilled too much black pepper into a lentil dish. Result was delicious.   1 cup green lentils 4 cups water Oil for frying (I use canola). 1 or 2 sliced tomatoes, large slices 1 sliced bell pepper (green, red, whatever). 1 Sliced lemon, pips removed. Keep peel on lemon! […]