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A Flurry of Red and Green

UPDATE: I submitted this post to the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center’s sponsored contest for a travel award to ScienceOnline2010. Let’s see how it goes… #scio10 In a previous post about Hatena we saw what might very well be the beginning of a (beautiful?) [:ttip=”symbiosis where one partner lives inside the cell of the other” id=”10″]endosymbiotic[:/ttip] […]

Scientists singing

Somehow, sharing the same problems with Uri Alon makes me feel almost absolved of the sins against my own family in spending Sundays at the lab. Almost: Ron Laskey has a whole collection of songs, published as an audiobook in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. (I guess CSHL Press does not qualify as an indie […]

Romantic redux: Yo-Yo Ma, Elgar’s Concerto for Cello in E minor

Since I touched upon the Romantic movement in the last post… few are as strongly associated with it as Edward Elgar. Daniel Barenboim conducts the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Recorded 1997 in Carnegie Hall. First movement (Adagio – Moderato):

Boogie Balagan: Lamentation Walloo

Thanks to Michael Shapira for introducing me to this insane group combining blues-rock with Rai, Arab and Israeli music.

eMusic customer survey poll and results

eMusic, a subscription-based indie music estore has hiked its prices and concurrently signed a deal with Sony BMG to sell their back catalog. What’s wrong with this? Well, a lot. Read my previous post for details. It seems like the reaction on the intertubes has been less than joyful, with phrases like “corporate sellout” and […]

The day eMusic died?

eMusic is by far my favorite music store. A huge collection of indie, jazz, blues, classical, world, ambient… anything but mainstream. They keep the music DRM free,which means you are free to make as many copies as you please, and play on whatever device you like. For this reason, eMusic has little to offer from […]

John Lee Hooker: One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

Phew. After getting slashdotted on the Wolfram Alpha story, I can use a couple of drinks.

Music: The Dub Side of the Moon

One of those dumb ideas that I’m very glad someone went through with: a reggae/dub cover for Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon. It’s incredible! I downloaded the first 10 tracks from eMusic, and once my subscription get refilled I’ll download the remaining four. Then I will check whether The Dub Side also […]

Size matters. Life is Live.

1976: Prologue In July 27, 1976, the American Legion, a US military veterans association, held a large meeting at the Bellevue Stratford Hotel a hotel in Philadelphia PA, celebrating the USA’s bicentennial year. Within 2 days, guests  started falling ill with an atypical pneumonia. By the end of the week, 221 people were ill and […]

Happy Birthday, Lady Ella

If she were alive today, Ella Fitzgerald would have been 92. Sadly she is not, but her majestic singing will be with us for centuries to come. Oscar Peterson on the piano, Ray Brown bass and Ed Thigpen drums. A moving interpretation of Thelonious Monk`s ‘Round Midnight.

Music: If You Open Your Mind Too Much…

…Your Brain Will Fall Out.

Music: Never Gonna Change / DBT

Drive by Truckers. My favorite flavor of Southern Rock.

Music: Bill Evans Waltz for Debbie

This week began rather  hectically for me. Time to chill with this Jazz classic.

Baby it’s cold outside

Most of the Earth’s surface is colder than the inside of your refrigerator. Deep sea temperatures are almost universally 2-4C. That’s already 73%  of the Earth’s surface. Then add to that the  polar regions, mountain ranges and permafrost and you have about 85% of the Earth’s surface constantly at refrigerator or freezer temperatures. While there […]

Music: In Your Darkest Hour

The first time I heard Charlie Musselwhite was on KSDS 88.3, San Diego’s jazz radio station and one for the finest jazz & blues stations I know. I was driving, it was late night and raining, and I was dead tired; the perfect setting for some blues. They played Musselwhite’s jumpy “Both Sides of the […]