eMusic customer survey poll and results

eMusic, a subscription-based indie music estore has hiked its prices and concurrently signed a deal with Sony BMG to sell their back catalog. What’s wrong with this? Well, a lot. Read my previous post for details. It seems like the reaction on the intertubes has been less than joyful, with phrases like “corporate sellout” and “breach of contract” dominating.

I created an informal poll for eMusic customers, it is ongoing until June 15. The results are below. Yes, I know the many statistic caveats to an Internet-based poll. But if you take the results of this survey together with the bulk of the reactions on eMusic’s message boards, various blogs, and chatter on social networks, it seems that eMusic have a serious problem to fix. If you are an eMusic customer, please take the short poll.

Title: eMusic Customer Survey Results
Description: Ongoing poll

Click here and refresh the resulting page to get the most recent numbers.

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One Response to “eMusic customer survey poll and results”

  1. Music Lover says:

    Thaks for setting up this poll!