Wikipedia pages on protein function prediction

I just received an email from Julian Gough , one of last year’s CAFA participants. He started a Wikipedia initiative on protein function prediction, which are barely stubs at the moment. EDIT: He alerted me to the fact that protein function prediction has virtually no presence on Wikipedia. So all you protein function predictors out there, please contribute. Yes, you too!

I guess that as a CAFA organizer, I should really contribute to the second page. And I will. But I really don’t mind if someone else jump-starts it. 😉



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2 Responses to “Wikipedia pages on protein function prediction”

  1. Julian Gough says:

    Actually I deserve no credit for what is already there, I did not create any of the meagre content, I just noticed that if you compare e.g. the two pages below, then as a community we are providing much less information than the structure prediction community.

    Please compare these two pages:

    The same goes for comparing the Wikipedia pages on CASP and CAFA.


  2. Iddo says:

    Just remembered: a few years ago, Martin Jambon created a page on Wikiomics. (I should know, we were actually sharing an office when he did it). It’s under CC-attrib-sharealike, so I can just copy it over. Thanks Martin!