Open Lab 2010 Finalists Announced

Open Lab is a collection of the crème-de-la-crème of the science blog posts over each year. Meticulously edited, only the finest of posts make it. Out of nearly 900 submissions this year, 50 (plus six poems and one cartoon) were carefully selected. Truly an amazing achievement of Bora Zivkovic, and especially his co-editor this year, Jason Goldman and all the Open Lab 2010 judges. Each and every one of these hard-working geniuses possesses  a discerning eye, frontal cortex and various other cognitively-applicable CNS-parts. The blogging community, the scientifically-cognizant public and all sentient beings should be eternally grateful for their heroic editing efforts which culminated in this compendium of brilliant and unparalleled posts, which shall serve to enlighten mankind of the scientific developments which took place in the year 2010.

Why yes, one of my posts did make it in. However did you guess?

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2 Responses to “Open Lab 2010 Finalists Announced”

  1. Sean says:

    Very cool and congrats on being selected! Glad to see thoughts on dead salmon are getting the recognition they deserve 😉

  2. Iddo says:

    @Sean would that be thoughts on a dead salmon or thoughts by a dead salmon?