My Hype Cycle

The hype cycle characterizes the over-excitement and subsequent disappointment with new technologies. I expanded this a bit to include research and social trends in science which seem prevalent nowadays.

Any views represented in this hype cycle diagram are my own, and in no way represent the  views of my employers, family, friends, neighbors, greengrocer, auto mechanic, my skin microbiome or my internet provider who just slapped me with a 30% fee increase.

Click for full size. Template (without writing) taken from Wikimedia Commons, under GFDL. Credit for template: Jeremy Kemp.

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2 Responses to “My Hype Cycle”

  1. widdowquinn says:

    I like that. Interesting assumption about the level of damping…

    A phase diagram of ‘expected utility’ against ‘actual utility’ might be an amusing vent for cynicism 😉

  2. Ana Rojas says: