BsB in high school science… nice

A  small spike on my blog traffic yesterday led me to look for the source via Google Analytics. (If you are a blogger, you should really use this tool, lots of useful traffic information.) Seems like most of the traffic came from the page of a high school science teacher at Badin High School in Hamilton, OH. Apparently the students were to be quizzed today on two of my posts about endosymbiosis (and one from 80Beats; I’m in good company.) So they were very busy Sunday. It’s encouraging to know that some of my posts are accessible enough for high school science. Finally, quite a few Miami students come from Hamilton (we’re close). So I might see some of them next year.


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2 Responses to “BsB in high school science… nice”

  1. Brian Streng says:

    Thanks for the articles. My class is working on reading skills and your articles fit nicely into our ecology / evolution topic. I’m sure you’ll see more spikes due to my students in the future.
    Mr. Streng
    Miami Grad 07′ & 08′

  2. Thanks for the link to Google Analytics. I have always used, but this looks like it might be much better since it integrates stats from multiple sites in one interface.