Thankful for…

In no particular order or context. No personal stuff and by no means a complete list: WordPress (like, duh). icon_big Wikipedia (default for looking up new stuff) 600px-Wikipedia-logo.svg Wikis in general (great lab management tool. Don't need LIMS) Open Access Publishing and Creative Commons licensing. FLOSS licensing (90% of the software I use, and 100% of what I write) opensource-logo Science Bloggers (too numerous to link) Science tweeters and FriendFeeders (too numerous to link. That's how I keep up with things) Facebook+Friendfeed-VS-Twitter BLAST (Sometimes it feels like bioinformatics is should be renamed to blastology) LaTeX (Wrote my dissertation in LaTeX, and never looked back) latex_lion (because not everyone uses LaTeX). OpenOfficeLogo CiteULike (Keeping my reference library up to date and in good order) Citeulike_logo Delicious (Keeping my bookmarks up to date and in good order) delicious_logo Gmail (because finding that document you sent me a month ago would be impossible otherwise) super-gmail-logo Google Scholar (For standing on the toes of Hobbits. Or something like that) mainG GIS (for blogging and making class slides) Vim (because emacs blows) vim-editor_logo Python (ease & power) python_logo_without_textsvg Biopython (OK, conflict of interest here, since I contributed a bit) biopython Friendly colleagues (They certainly are!) umured7 Good students (gotta make my lab page). Goulash for dinner. Can't stand oven Turkey. turkey Music. Especially the latest song that is going around in my head:
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One Response to “Thankful for…”

  1. Valentin says:

    I like the idea of sharing some of the things that make life (wow did I say life? meant work) easier 😉 and agree with many of them. I’m just lacking novoseek! 😀