Coast to coast (almost) part 2

Day 2: Four States in One Day

The movers only finished their work around 8:00pm. Our original plan was to spend the night in Las Vegas. EssOh was whacked after packing until 5am, so I drove. Just before the Cali state line we decided to pack it in. We spent he night in tiny Baker, CA just off the I-15. We stayed A small motel, with the architectural flair of a spaghetti western ranchhouse, internal temperatures and water quality to match.

It's worse than it looks. Motel in Baker, CA

Nondescript motel in Baker, CA

The next morning we plowed on to Las Vegas. In the words of King Arthur when he first saw Camelot: “it’s a silly place”.  For a silly place, it is an admirably well-oiled machine with the sole purpose of sponging your money. Even if you do not spend a dime gambling, arcades, gift shops and shows will do you in.

A silly place. Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas

A serious dude in a silly place. Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas

After lunch in Vegas, we drove on the I-15 northeast through a small stretch of Arizona, and then to Utah, and Zion National Park. By the time we found a place to stay in nearby Springdale,  it was 7:00pm. Headed out to the park anyway, and hiked to the emerald pools. (Diatoms again! That is what gives them their color). Beautifully dark green in the setting sun. We hiked back in the moonlight, accompanied by tree frogs who were just coming out for their nightly breakfast.

Typical awesome cliff. Zion national Park, Utah.

Typical awesome cliff. Zion national Park, Utah.

More Zion tomorrow. Going to be a hot day though… 37C.

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