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On Molecular Viewers, or why I voted for RasMol

Beware the temptation to use the 45 and 120 degree angle pink and yellow light source, in combination with shiny plastic B-splines, which would make your protein model look like brothel decor

Now this looks a lot better!

In any data-rich science, data visualization is of prime importance.  Finding ways to visually depict data is challenging, as we have opposing demands: we would like to see the data in the whole, but also be able to zoom in and analyze the details; we would like to know how the many details add up […]


They are very, VERY large (for intracellular particles, that is), there are hundreds of them most animal’s cells, and we don’t know what they are doing. Meet the vaults. Vaults are mysterious large ribonucleoprotein (protein and RNA) structures in the cell. Although three times larger than ribosomes, and present in many copies in the cell, […]