The scientific process

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EDIT: as pointed out by Jason McDermott, hypothesis should probably be used here instead of theory.

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6 Responses to “The scientific process”

  1. garicgymro says:

    I’m not sure that it should be “hypothesis” instead of “theory”. You test hypotheses to construct theories, and here you’re talking about constructing theories.

  2. Iddo says:

    Probably not at the last frame… you’re right.

  3. garicgymro says:

    Not in any of the frames, as far as I can see.

  4. garicgymro says:

    Well, maybe the third and fourth… But I don’t think “theory” is really wrong in any slide.

  5. garicgymro says:

    Actually, ignore me (and feel free to delete my last few comments). Too little sleep is clouding my brain. Now I look at it again I see that theory really isn’t the ideal word until the last slide.

    And nice post by the way.

  6. DrSteve says:

    Doesn’t the experimenter have a hypothesis before doing any experimenting? A well designed experiment will then test the hypothesis.
    I’m not addressing the use of “hypothesis” over “experiment”, but the thought process of productive science.
    Something like:
    Casual observation
    Notice something incomprehensible
    Search for a Why, especially one with predictive power
    Consult an authority (usually), like Dad or a book
    Test their theories with informal experiment
    If received wisdom fails, look and think
    Then test through experimentation.