Nobel Prize Quips at PDBe

I received this email today from Gary Battle at PDBe . Very cool:


Nobel Prize Quips: Explore the structure of B2AR bound to its G-protein.

Today, Nobel Laureates Robert J. Lefkowitz and Brian K. Kobilka take
center stage in Stockholm where they will receive their Nobel Prize
Medals for their studies of G-protein–coupled receptors (GPCRs).

To mark this occasion we have written a special Quips article which
explores the Nobel Prize winning structure of B2AR bound to its G-protein.

GPCRs are signalling proteins which enable cells to communicate with
each other and the surrounding environment. They provide the molecular
framework and mechanism for the transmission of a wide variety of
signals over the cell membrane, between cells and over long distances in
the body. In this Quips you will learn how the structure of B2AR bound
to its G-protein helped explain how binding of a small molecule on one
face of B2AR activates the G-protein.

If you have an interesting structure whose story you would like to tell
(with our help) in the form of a Quips article, please contact us at

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