Microbial marketing

An original viral (or rather, fungal and bacterial) marketing campaign for the movie Contagion. Although the film tells the story of a fictional viral outbreak, the marketers of Warner Brothers Canada kept it in the realm of microbiology by teaming up with 25 microbiologists and creating what is probably the first agar-plated billboard, which they placed in a storefront in Toronto. The bacteria and mold were plated and grew in the letters, but it looks like contaminants formed their own random colonies, purposefully creating a rather eerie effect. Thanks to Zack Moss, a student in my lab, for pointing me to this. More details in the Vancouver Sun.

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One Response to “Microbial marketing”

  1. widdowquinn says:

    Great idea and execution.

    Did you ever see this? http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisjohnbeckett/3290686377/in/photostream/ – It’s a little more regimented, but of a theme.