Tweets from AFP/CAFA 2011

The AFP/CAFA 2011 meeting was held on July 15 and July 16. Yes, it was a huge success, and I’m not just saying that beacuse I am one of the organizers.  I will write up something more comprehensive soon; in the meantime, here are my tweets from the meeting.

I am learning a lot about scavenging tweets.  Apparently, I cannot go back beyond a few days using the function. Hence, if I try to search for all the #AFPCAFA11 hashtags I will get nothing from the meeting’s dates. But if I look for a user’s tweets using api.user_timeline() I can go back for months on the users timeline, and then filter out the tweets with the relevant hashtags.  Since it seems I was the principal twiterrer in that meeting, I’m putting up my tweets here. Apologies to the others who recorded the meeting using Twitter: if you want your tweets included, drop me a line with your Twitter user name.


Thu Jul 14 16:04:22 2011 At Vienna. #ISMB #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB11
Thu Jul 14 16:07:34 2011 At Vienna #ISMB #AFPCAFA11 Curious who is the best protein function predictor? Join us.
Fri Jul 15 09:10:24 2011 Jesse Gillis from UBC on a function prediciton post-mortem #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Fri Jul 15 09:12:11 2011 This is going to be fun. Jesse Gillis UBC. Postmortem on MouseFunc #ISMB #AFPCAFA11 Precision / Recall of 0.06… argh.
Fri Jul 15 09:14:14 2011 MouseFunc experiment #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Fri Jul 15 09:28:58 2011 Multifunctionality affect prediction profoundly. Take-home message from Jesse Gillis’ talk #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Fri Jul 15 09:31:22 2011 Next up: Meghana Chitale from @kiharalab #ISMB #AFPCAFA11
Fri Jul 15 09:36:44 2011 Co-occurrence association scores. CAS Lookiong for associations across GOs: between a BPO term and a CCO term, for example. #AFPCAFA11
Fri Jul 15 09:41:17 2011 Missing enzyme predictions. My fav. Chtiale at #ISMB #AFPCAFA11
Fri Jul 15 09:56:08 2011 Yanay Ofran from Bar ilan U about multifunctionality. How to assess the number of false positives? #ISMB #AFPCAFA11
Fri Jul 15 09:56:44 2011 Prediciton of photosynthesis in an elephant genome is a good sign of false positives. Yanay #ISMB #AFPCAFA11
Fri Jul 15 10:02:56 2011 Precision of short motifs is surprisingly high. Yanay, #ISMB #AFPCAFA11
Fri Jul 15 10:05:42 2011 short motifs identify functional motifs. Whereas homology identifies evolutionary relatedness. #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Fri Jul 15 10:09:14 2011 Next up: me. #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Fri Jul 15 11:44:45 2011 David Jones from UCL is talking about his #AFPCAFA11 predictions. Many different features. #ISMB
Fri Jul 15 11:47:18 2011 profile-profile fold recognition works well in Function prediction as well. #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Fri Jul 15 11:53:02 2011 Jones talking about why it is unhealthy to exercise in the morning. #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB generation of free radicals. #excusesaregreat
Fri Jul 15 11:56:43 2011 49,000 features in an SVM. #ISMB #AFPCAFA11
Fri Jul 15 11:57:47 2011 Hard to believe no redundancy in 49K features…. #ISMB #AFPCAFA11
Fri Jul 15 11:59:17 2011 “I like this plot and I would make a t-shirt out of it, but in terms of scientific value its worth is zero”. Jones, #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Fri Jul 15 12:01:09 2011 New term heard for a 2nd time at #ISMB #AFPCAFA11 “postdiction” as opposed to “prediction”. #notsurewhatitmeans
Fri Jul 15 12:16:49 2011 Lightning talks at #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB starting now
Fri Jul 15 12:35:51 2011 Mary Jo Ondrechen on SALSA at #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB structure –> function.
Fri Jul 15 12:36:45 2011 CDEHKRY make up 75% of all catalytic sites. Mary Jo #ISMB #AFPCAFA11
Fri Jul 15 12:50:50 2011 Jeffrey Yunes from UC Berkeley on SIFTER from Steven Brenner’s lab. #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Fri Jul 15 14:28:20 2011 Patrik Koskinen on a function prediction method called PANNZER. This will roll over well. #ISMB #AFPCAFA11
Fri Jul 15 14:30:30 2011 More information on PANNZER and the other methods at #AFPCAFA11 here: #ISMB11
Fri Jul 15 14:33:16 2011 Koskinen mentioning Biothesaurus which removes errors due to synonyms #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Fri Jul 15 14:43:09 2011 Question: “How do you pronounce the name of that volcano that erupted in Iceland?” Answer: “I don’t”. Koskinen #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Fri Jul 15 14:50:27 2011 Olivier Lichtarge on using Evolutionary Trace Annotation (ETA) for function prediction. #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Fri Jul 15 14:51:12 2011 A network of protein structure networks. Memories of fragnostic. #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Fri Jul 15 14:52:49 2011 Using network diffusion to annotate protein structures. Lichtargee. #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Fri Jul 15 14:57:19 2011 compressing a clique to a star graph by adding a pseudo-node. Reduces problem from O(n^2) to O(n). Lichtarge #ISMB #AFPCAFA11
Fri Jul 15 15:09:17 2011 Amos Bairoch: of prosite, swissprot and expasy fame #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Fri Jul 15 15:12:51 2011 Due to alt-splicing and PTM 20,000 human genes –> 5M different molecules! Bairoch #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Fri Jul 15 15:15:50 2011 Status codes of human protein function annotations: Maybe, potentially, putative, expected and hopefullly. Bairoch #ISMB #AFPCAFA11
Fri Jul 15 15:17:10 2011 >100 GPCRs for which we do not know the ligand. Bairoch #ISMB #AFPCAFA11
Fri Jul 15 15:19:13 2011 Bairoch now talking about CALIPHO. 1)experimental verification of human protein function; 2)enable bioinformatics for same. #ISMB #AFPCAFA11
Fri Jul 15 15:20:44 2011 “How many ppl in this room have never used swissprot”. 0. #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Fri Jul 15 15:23:24 2011 Bairoch looks at small <100aa intracellular protiens in experimental assays. #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Fri Jul 15 15:26:26 2011 Interesting proteins are expressed in olfactory pits of zebrafish. I didn’t know fish smell. #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Fri Jul 15 15:33:09 2011 If you get a new function, you cannot predict it, because of no ontology (yet). #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Sat Jul 16 06:58:43 2011 Predrag Radivojac explaining the vagaries of GO annotated databases #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Sat Jul 16 06:59:48 2011 Assessment of protein function prediction methods going on now in Hall L #ISMB #AFPCAFA11
Sat Jul 16 07:04:08 2011 Radivojac: “It’s possible to achieve a precision of 1, it just won’t happen”. #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Sat Jul 16 07:29:50 2011 Assessment of protein function prediction methods going on now in Hall L #ISMB #AFPCAFA11 Sean Mooney is up.
Sat Jul 16 08:05:49 2011 Christine Orengo on her team’s work at #AFPCAFA11
Sat Jul 16 08:06:28 2011 Orengo says that they are not really function predictors, but evolutionary classifiers #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Sat Jul 16 09:18:03 2011 Shaneka Simmon from Jackson State on predicting functions associated with biofeuls – universal stress protein domains. #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Sat Jul 16 09:21:30 2011 Simmons: look for diversity of universal stress response genes. in Rhodopseudomonas palustris. #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB11
Sat Jul 16 11:33:52 2011 #AFPCAFA11 #ismb discussion panel now
Sat Jul 16 14:46:07 2011 Wyatt shows that paralogs actually give better annotation transfer than orthologs. #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Sat Jul 16 14:47:17 2011 Wyatt’s claim runs contrary to common wisdom. Which is good 🙂 #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB
Thu Jul 21 22:42:34 2011 After all the talk about standards at #AFPCAFA11 #ISMB this is very timely:

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