Suggest a name for the next BIG journal

The Max Planck society, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Wellcome Trust have announced their plans for a new journal for biomedical and life science research to be launched summer 2012. From the joint press release:

The journal will employ an open and transparent peer review process in which papers will be accepted or rejected as rapidly as possible, generally with only one round of revisions, and with limited need for modifications or additional experiments. For transparency, reviewers’ comments will be published anonymously.

Nice. The journal will be online-only and open access too, and they promise  “an opportunity to create a journal and article format that will exploit the potential of new technologies to allow for improved data presentation.” I especially like the “limited need for modifications or additional experiments”, especially since even Nature has recently published a scathing opinion piece about reviewers’ almost reflexive demands for additional experiments.

With these three giants behind the journal, it’s a safe bet this journal will be up there with PLoS Biology, Nature and Science.

For now, Byte Size Biology readers are welcome to suggest a name for this new journal. Maybe you can strike a deal with the yet-to-be-named editor-in-chief: a lifetime  publication fee waiver if your name gets chosen.



Of course, I have no affiliation with this new journal, so don’t bet on it happening.

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2 Responses to “Suggest a name for the next BIG journal”

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