Bioinformatics blog carnival

Byte Size Biology will be hosting the first edition of the bioinformatics blog carnival. All you bioinformatics bloggers, submit your entries by Mar 9, 2010 23:59:03  EST. Note the 3 second extension I have already given. There will be no more deadline extensions, I’ve been generous enough as it is. The carnival will be posted here by March 15, 2010.

Any blog posts that have to do with the computational aspects of: genomics, nextgen sequencing, sequence analysis, gene expression, systems biology, ontologies, databases, structural biology, metagenomics, phylogenetics, function prediction and I probably forgot a few other categories so don’t hold it against me, just submit. Early and often. Your own posts and others that you liked. Nothing too old please, 1/1/2009 and later. I reserve the right to be a less-than-benevolent dictator and screen out posts. This applies especially to commercial plugs with no other merits.

Please retweet, reblog, rebuzz and remember:  submit to the bioinformatics blog carnival!

If you have a cool logo for this carnival, email AT OhOne and OhToo will pick the winning logo to be displayed on the carnival. Likewise, if you would like to host the next edition, let me know. Do not submit posts by email, only via

Happy carny-ing.

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2 Responses to “Bioinformatics blog carnival”

  1. Nir says:

    Nice initiative!

  2. Maria says:

    That’s fabulous! I’m looking forward to it already