Poll: favorite kingdom?

Seems like I had a couple of taxonomic posts recently.  So BsB would like to know what is your favorite Kingdom of life. I used the 6 kingdom system just to make things slightly more interesting. Vote in the pollbox on the righthand sidebar. You only have yourself to blame if your favorite kingdom is not represented adequately.

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6 Responses to “Poll: favorite kingdom?”

  1. I refuse to participate in old school taxonomy polls. Let me know when you use a newer system.

  2. Iddo says:

    @Jonathan Eisen
    Ha! Good point. I was going for familiarity over phylogenomic accuracy. But the Plantae / Unikonta / Excavata / SAR / Archaea / Bacteria system is in sore need for advertisement. Mayhap a blog post and a redo-poll are in order?

  3. Yes, familiarity is good. Though I have attacked even Science Friday for sticking to 5 kingdoms: http://phylogenomics.blogspot.com/2008/10/twisted-tree-of-life-award-2-science.html

    What about waiting to see what the poll looks like and then a do-over?

  4. Iddo says:

    OK. I used a 6 kingdom system: the 5 in the blog post was a typo and I cleared it. But indeed the old six kingdom system: so no Monera (way old school) were cited in this process, but on the other hand no Excavata elevated to kingdom level either. So I am not as bad as Science Friday, but I this should probably feed a new post.

    Which is, of course, what I was planning all the time.

  5. Rhizaria and Alveolata. Make it “Harosa” (Cavalier-Smith 2010 Biol. Lett. fig1)

    Although Excavates(Simpson 2003) are pretty awesome too…

    (I refuse to recognise “kingdoms” and other relics of ranked taxonomy. Why does it matter whether a clump of organisms is a family or an infrakingdom? Both are equally arbitrary and rather pointless…)

  6. PS: I blame Keeling et al. for starting that horrible trend with ‘Hacrobia’ — now TC-S has ‘Halvaria'(!?) and ‘Hacrobia'(ewww…)

    They should’ve just stuck with ‘Craptophytes’…