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Changing directions

For some reason, this reminds me a lot of the way some of my research has been going recently….

Nature by numbers

Beautiful video showing the mathematical beauty of nature, or the natural beauty of math. Here’s what I managed to figure out: 0:08-0:44 – Fibonacci sequence 0:45-1:40 – The Golden Ratio 2:40 – Delauney triangulations leading to Voronoi diagrams (2:56 and to the end)

Five octopus vids

The coconut using octopus has been making the news lately, as the first evidence of tool use by these animals. A good opportunity to post some vids of these cool creatures: UPDATE: the “first tool use” has been somewhat oversold. Thanks to Zen Faulkes for calling my attention to this. They are resourceful: Camouflage skills: […]