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ICP and Jack White cover Mozart. NSFW.

Insane Clown Posse and Jack White are working together. That, by itself, should send people to stock on water and non-perishable food. But having them cover Mozart (which they pronounce “MOHZZZ-art) is worthy of a trip to the gun store as well. Having rediscovered “Leck mich im Arsch” (lick my ass, Mozart’s scatological party hit […]

Real programmers use…

A nice take on the vi / emacs wars Also, real programmers browse the web using the vimperator.

Total waste of time, ep. 1

Warning: frivolously geeky and technical  post, which can be best defined as “science methodology esoterica”, and from which you can learn absolutely nothing useful.  If you don’t get what’s going on, then it’s probably for the best, because this is a complete waste of time. Specific Aim 1:  find the longest word in English composed […]