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Psychedelic Monday: Half Full Glass of Wine

Tame Impala

Psychedelic Monday: Sploosh!

Music: Ozric Tentacles. Featuring marine life. Mix by Bonci. Highlights: 0:33 Dolphin chasing ring bubble 2:02 Humpback(?) tailfin 2:58 Whale shark swimming with dolphins 3:44 & 4:07 Humpback baleen-syncing 4:11 Manta Ray 5:58 Human and dolphin kiss

Psychedelic Monday: Interstellar Overdrive

Pink Floyd, with Syd Barrett.

Psychedelic Monday: White Rabbit

The classic from Jefferson Airplane.

Psychedelic Monday: Solitude is Bliss

  From Tame Impala’s album Inner Speaker.