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Quick Fix: ssh timeouts

  It is very annoying when you leave an ssh window open to your server with something running, go to lunch, come back to see this: Read from remote host my.stupid.server.uni.edu: Connection reset by peer. Connection to my.stupid.server.uni.edu closed.   So here are two fixes. The first is server side. ssh to your server, and […]

The open source spammer: extracting email addresses from an openoffice.org document

I’m organizing a workshop later this month (see here, scroll to session V), and I have just received the attendees list from the main conference’s organizers. Since I need to spam send the attendees informative email on the specific workshop, I needed their email addresses. Here’s what I did. The file itself is MS Word […]

Comparative Functional Genomics: Penguin vs. Bacterium

No, not the flesh-blood-and-feathers penguin, but rather Tux, the beloved mascot of the Linux operating system. Compared with Escherichia coli, the model organism of choice for microbiologists. We refer to DNA as “the book of life”; some geeks refer to it as the “operating system of life”. Just like in a computer’s operating system, DNA […]

Happy Birthday Linux

March 14 is also the anniversary of the release of Linux kernel 1.0, with all of its 176,250 lines of code. The current 2.6.28 has  crossed the 10,000,000 threshold. Tux should have a birthday Pi…. but here is some other Tux confectionery: