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How much do cows offset wind energy savings?

So I saw this Tweet from Michael Eisen a couple of days ago:   and those cows are destroying whatever gains clean energy creates https://t.co/DWRFj5x8Jj — Michael Eisen (@mbeisen) September 3, 2016   This was in reference to a Slate article by Dan Gross about how Iowa is leading the US  in renewable energy, specifically […]

More on Microbial Sequencing

(Continued from “On Microbial Sequencing“). Well, it’s really been a great meeting. The biology of pathogens, parasites and symbionts is amazing. Historically, the microbes that chiefly interested us were one of those three: those that causes disease in humans, animals (focus on domesticated animals), plants (again, mostly domesticated). However, as we are (alas, too slowly) […]