Friday Odds and Ends

So things have been busy in non-blog land. Putting together a tenure packet, some travel, teaching, and oh yes, even science. So no insightful post here, just some odds and ends I collected, in no particular order:

  • There are quite a few species named after famous people: alive, dead, real or fictional.  Wikipedia has a list.  My favorite are a golden bottom horsefly named after Beyonce; a beetle, A. schwarzennegrinamed after “the actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in reference to the markedly developed (biceps-like) middle femora of the males of this species reminiscent of the actor’s physique. (paper)” and a Trilobite named after Han Solo.


  • Speaking of nomenclature, meet Boops boops.
  • The Pentagon has a contingency plan for the zombie apocalypse. I feel safer already.
  • Are the Steven Moffat episodes of Dr. Who more sexist than those written by Russel T. Davies? A BYU student attempts to answer this question. Nice infographic. One could argue that any TV show with a powerful male alien constantly demonstrating his superiority to his female sidekick  is somewhat inherently sexist, or at least can easily go that way regardless of script writer. But see also here.


  • This post articulates my sentiments on Why Python?
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