Thursday Odds and Ends


A woman in Chesterfield, Ohio robbed a convenience store using her MRSA-infected arm as a weapon.  Warning: graphic picture of MRSA infected arm. Or a zombie limb. You can never know in northwestern Ohio.

Scanning Electron Microscope image of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA. Credit: Janice Carr. Source: wikipedia

A US vector biologist got infected with Zika virus which is  a mosquito-borne pathogen causing joint pain and fatigue. He then passed in on to his wife during sexual intercourse. This would be the first documented case of sexual transmission of an insect-borne pathogen. Also, “Honey, Iswear, I got it from a mosquito bite” is the new excuse for two-timing spouses everywhere.

April’s fool came and went on the intertubes.  My favorite was the arsenic based sea-monkeys.


Great news for geeky kids of the 1980’s: the Commodore 64 is back!  Same nice bulky keyboard-in computer, with just a little bit more than 64K of RAM underneath:



“The upcoming Commodore 64 looks exactly like the ancient model which reshaped the home computer sector decades ago, though underneath the bonnet things have been brought well into the 21st century.

“Even though the computer refrains from relinquishing its old charm, it will come packed with modern computer hardware. The new Commodore 64 model will contain a mini-ITC motherboard, a dual core Intel 525 Atom processor, DDR3 RAM between 2GB and 4GB and Nvidia Ion2 graphics unit.

“Commodore says that the device will run on the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS OS and will come with a DVD drive, with support for Blu-Ray, a multi-format memory card reader and five USB slots. The new Commodore 64 will also come with Wi-Fi support and will come pre-loaded with 3D games and other applications including a Microsoft Office compatible productivity suite.
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Finally, remember the name: Zhuchengtyrannus magnus (zoo-CHENG TEER-ah-nus MAG-nus) or Z. magnus. A new dinosaur discovered in Zucheng, China. Related to Tyrannosaurus rex it is 4m tall, 11m long, 6 tons of carnivorous mass. The original paper.


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