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Respected Sir,

I am Distinguished Professor First Class Nebulous Nimbus, Department of Organismal Motility of the University Technicality of Upper Freedonia. I have many articles accepted and pending in PLoS Biology, PNAS, and BMC. Unfortunately I cannot pay the Open Access publication costs as my University has suffered abysmally from ill-advised investments in derivatives both partial and directional applied by the Math & Freakonomics department. A plaque on both their houses.

Sir, your reputation as a reverent and eminent scientist proceeds you. I have carefully sifted you for to assist Freedonian science from bottomless finance pit. I would be graciously to add  you  as honorific author in good position and standing to my articles, if you would be so kind as to send me Western Union the publication money needed by these journals in most urgent immediacy.

Please contact me in highest importunate on this matter:


Docent Professor Doktor Nebulous Nimbus

open access-seal

(Celebrate #oaw09 Open Access Week)

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